How To React To Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is the act of using electronic technology to bully or send intimidating message or threaten someone. This days Cyberbullying is becoming very rampant with the rise in the use of social media by both the young and old.


Yesterday I saw a CNN video on twitter showing how a lady working at coldstone was fat shamed on the internet by one of their customer,things like this happens everyday and have led some people into hating themselves,keeping to themselves or even commit suicide.

If someone tries to bully you on the internet or constantly send you annoying or intimidating messages , even though it may hurt never take it serious especially on social media, some of this people does not even know what they are doing and if you ever have the opportunity to meet that person you might  just discover it is someone not worth the while and someone you might never ever talk to but has the privilege to talk to you on social media. Most of the people who bully others ain’t even happy with themselves,they suffer from all kinds of psychological problem and are only trying to transfer their aggression and emotional problems to someone else. It is in your best interest to  ignore such people and do not respond to their messages because by responding you acknowledge the person and even make the person to send you more messages.


Fortunately you can block or even delete that person from your friends or followers so that the person doesnt have access to you. Never hate your self or become sad because of some irresponsible person.  Personally I have received annoying messages or negative criticism,all I do is ignore because I can’t bother myself acknowledging someone I do not know. Electronic technology have given access to both the bad,the ugly and the senseless,so never take to heart what someone you don’t know say to you and never get intimidated by such irresponsible messages.

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