The Best Kind of Beauty


Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder which means each person has his or her own perspective  of what beauty is. A person you consider beautiful may not be anything near to beauty in another person’s eyes.


There are two types of beauty,one is facial beauty which is in the eyes of the beholder and the second is inner beauty. The inner beauty is what defines an individual and it is what sustains a relationship. Today some people get married to their partner because he is handsome or because she is beautiful, of cause there is nothing wrong with that but it is wrong when you choose your life partner based on facial beauty and not inner beauty. With time beauty will fade away and then what happens to your relationship?

Some people after getting married to their partner based on facial beauty are filled with regret as they discover they can’t withstand their spouse character but because they were carried away by their spouse facial beauty they paid no attention to the inner character which is what will sustain the relationship years after the beauty has faded away.


There is nothing wrong in getting married to someone who is facially beautiful but you must pay attention to the inner beauty,the inner character of your spouse. This kind of beauty is seen by everyone who comes across your partner and not just only you. Marriage is life long journey and so you must choose a partner you can withstand his or her character forever. Never be carried away by facial beauty without paying attention to the inner beauty so that you don’t end up regretting because in the long run it is the inner beauty that will sustain your relationship.

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