Who Should Come First Your Spouse or Your Family

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You’ve known your family long before you know your spouse and you have grown fond of them and sometimes it’s difficult to go against your family when there is a conflict between your spouse and your family.


I remember a family friend of mine who something aslittle as  the name of their child caused serious issue in the family. When they gave birth to their second daughter, the mother of the husband choose a name for the child and insisted the child be called by that name but the wife wasn’t comfortable with that ,First the name is of a religion that is different from that of the woman and secondly the wife has a personal name she has chosen for the child even before the child was born. The wife insisted the child was First her child before any other person and she has the right to call her child by the name she desire but the mother in-law refused. This caused a serious family problem and the husband was caught in between not wanting to displease any of the most important women in his life.

Situations like this occurs every day in many families were spouse are caught in between supporting their partner or their family. Well, when situation like this occurs wisdom is needed in handling such issues without offending either party but you must remember that your spouse opinion must come first because the holy book says and the man must depart from his family and stick to his wife and they must become one flesh.


If you must support your family to avoid crisis you must appeal to your spouse and seek for his or her consent and let him or her see reasons why it is beneficial to follow his or her family decision in the situation at hand. Never give your family or your spouse the feeling that their opinion doesn’t matter when supporting either party. Apply wisdom and make your decision wisely.




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