How To Deal With A Tough Boss

A tough boss is a nightmare to any staff,it takes away the joy of going to work. Having a tough boss can make someone even fall sick so often and just the sight of the boss can send cold chill down your spine. I once remember a colleague of mine who the boss despise so much and gave a tough time despite being the person that helped him get the job. It was so terrible that this my colleague would always tremble while speaking to him,his word will hardly come out straight.

He will always tell me that he feels sick coming to work and at home he always feels sad to the extent that his wife has asked him to quit but he can’t quit when he has no other job. It was such a tough time for him and he was always in and out of hospital just because of the manager. That is the life of working with a tough and unreasonable boss. Personally I have worked with 3 difficult boss, the last was a deal breaker for me even years after being on my own I find it difficult to think about him without having grudges for him.

In the case of my last boss,he was proud and arrogant and treats you as if you were his slave,he has no respect nor regard for his surbordinate. Nothing you do is good,he will always find fault but I dealt with him in my own way.

First and foremost the first mistake you will make when you have a tough boss is to get intimated,tremble and can’t even look at him or her when you speak. If you ever do that you have succeeded in dealing with yourself.even if you are intimated or afraid of your boss never show it,summon up courage and talk to your boss confidently otherwise if your boss get a glimpse that you are scared of him or her you are done for.

Secondly never argue with your boss even when it is obvious he or she is wrong, let your boss get to see his or her foolishness by his or herself as there is no need pointing it out as your boss will not listen to you.

Finally be very good on your job and get your task done before time,make it difficult for your boss to find fault with you so that when he does try so hard to find a flimsy one it will be obvious to everyone your boss is witch hunting you!

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