Do You Discuss About Relationship With Your Child

In my previous article I have discussed the importance of spending quality time with your children and not just quality time but use the time to get to know your children better.

How often do you communicate with your child? You need to start communicating with your child right from the womb. You need to communicate regularly with your child no matter how tight your schedule,get to know your child. It’s so shameful that some parents know little or nothing about their child,how sad!

The job of parenthood is no easy task but it’s a joyful task so do it well because whatever you do today will affect the future of your child. In a world where the media be it the tv or social media is influencing the younger generation and presenting the young ones with unrealistic way of life and immoral way of life, as parents you need to be on alert and never shy away from discussing s3xual matters with your child early enough. Get to know about his or her relationship regardless of how innocent those relationships are.

My 5year old son,I always ask him the names of his friends and what he thinks of his friends. I let him tell me what he likes and dislikes about his friends. I always ask him if there is a girl he likes and so on,I discuss about whatever relationship he has and I try to guide him. The importance of doing this is that as he grows and becomes a teenager we would have already have a bond that will make him to be open to me and not to hide anything from me even when he gets into a serious relationship.

You must start early to start discussing about relationship with your child, I bet you that you don’t even know what the kids of today already know,so never wait till they are grown up as it might be too late.


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