Why You Should Be A Cheerful Giver

The act of giving is a gift in itself as it is not everyone that has that gift. The holy book says there is happiness in giving than in receiving,how true those words are! Are you a cheerful giver? Have you experienced the joy and happiness that comes with giving?

Sometimes people think that for you to give you must have abundance but how wrong that assumption is, do you remember the widow’s mite? She was a cheerful giver even though she didn’t have much so being a giver has nothing to do with being poor or rich. Some rich people are extremely stingy and their penny would never drop for you while some poor people can give all they have to help someone else so obviously the act of giving has nothing to do with social  status.

Be a giver that give without expecting something in return and never give only to those who can also give back to you. avoid being a selective giver. There is so much joy and happiness you will experience when you give to someone. Giving mustn’t always be financial,giving can come in any form in as much you help someone in need.

Never hold back from helping someone in need when you can, the happiness you bring to people’s life by helping them can never be compared to anything,it feels good to put a smile on someone’s face by lending a helping hand.

Remember the saying that givers never lack,this is definitely true because what goes around comes around. If you don’t give to others or help them in their difficult moments when you know you can,you might just not get the needed help too when you need it . Give to others willingly and provide a shoulder for others to lean on in times of need.

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