What Is Expected Of A Good Customer Service Officer

Customer service is the lifewire of any organization. What set most organization apart especially banking is the customer service. Customer service involves two things, one is the customer service officer who is the face of the organization and second is the service provided by the organization. How customer friendly are the services?


An organization is expected to provide services that would provide convenience and make daily life of customers easy . When an organizations service is top notch it makes life easy for the customer service officer who has to face different kind of customer everyday,Haven said that what kind of person is your customer service officer?

Some organization are so unprofessional that they do not give any sort of training to the customer service personnel and care less about the attitude and disposition of their customer service personnel,  this is a customer facing officer for crying out loud! The customer service officer has to be taught his or her job ethics and what is expected of a customer service officer. Have you ever been to an organization where the customer service is just arriving when you are there or have you been to an organization by 8am and the customer service officer is so unsetteled perharps eating and talking to you with a mouth full of food,so disgusting isn’t it?

What of customer service personnel sending the cleaner or office assistant to buy him or her food in your presence and not just that ,he or she also takes the time to analyze all the details about what should be added to the food in your presence,what a customer service officer. A customer service officer should have decorum,settle down before customer’s start coming and not muddling over food and what not in the presence of a customer.

Have you ever met a rude customer service who behaves as if he or she is doing you a favour by attending you? Definitely such a person has no place in customer service. A customer service officer who can’t not greet a customer or is rude to a customer is not fit to be a customer service officer.

A customer service officer needs to be polite,attend to all customer enquiries regardless if the enquiry sound stupid. A customer service should greet every customer he or she comes in contact with and should be seen as being willing to help. Thank the customer for patronizing your organization and encourage the customer to come back again.

Never eat at your desk,you as a customer service officer should know better. Dont turn the office to a canteen where customers come in and perceive all manner of food. Get to work early enough and have your breakfast and settle down before the day’s job begins.

Agreed the job of a customer service is no easy task I must confess but do not allow all your effort to go down the drain by falling into the pitfalls mentioned above .


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