How To Handle ATM Debit Without Dispense


Everything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage. Having an ATM card is very beneficial but sometimes you can face a problem while using your ATM card,but this should never discourage you from using your ATM card. The most common issues while using your Atm card are  your Atm card getting stuck inside the ATM, the ATM partially dispensing your money or the ATM not dispensing fund at all and yet your account is being debited.

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In this article I will concentrate on the ATM not dispensing cash and yet your account is debited. If you tried using your Atm card to withdraw money and you didn’t get the money but yet you are debited,don’t panic! It can be resolved. Sometimes the debit reverse almost immediately but if it doesn’t reverse back immediately go to your bank not the bank where you used the ATM if it’s different from your bank, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the branch where your account is domicile. When you get to the bank,meet the customer service officer and lay your complaint,the customer service officer will give you a form to fill called the debit without dispense form.

After you fill and submit the form,your money should be reversed to your account within 3 working days. If the debit without dispense happened in your own bank, after filling the debit without dispense form,your fund will be reversed that same day.

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