Dealing With Harassment At Work

Some people have had to quit their job even with no hope of another,why? Because of harassment at work. After Haven struggle with it for so long and can’t take it any longer they decide to quit their job. How sad!

Well, before you decide on quitting your job especially if you are in an organized company not a one man’s business then consider reporting the harrasment to the top staff or the superior of the person harassing you. Most times it is better to document it and not just make the report a verbal one. If possible try and get evidence so that the person does not deny harassing you and then it becomes your word angainst the person’s own.

If you live in a country with a good justice system you can file an official report against the person,don’t just give up your job or remain silence while being harassed at work. Never allow anyone intimidate you at your working place by constantly harassing you .

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