Is The Female Gender Inferior To The Male

In the beginning of mankind creation,the man was the first to be created while the woman was created from his rib. The man was happy to see the woman,the woman was suppose to be a companion,a helper ,a confidant and much more. The life of the man was incomplete without the woman. The first man loved the woman and treated her with respect and loved her to the extent of disobeying the creator just to please the woman .

Thousands of years down the lane,same can not be said for today’s men.  Infact in some culture the woman is no more than a property, she is forbidden to speak when the man is talking, Infact she can’t make any contribution in the home,her place is in the kitchen.How sad! While In some culture it is a taboo for the girl child to be educated or to participate in some games that she loves. Over the years the female gender has been treated as being inferior to the man in all aspect.

This has given rise to things such as feminism ,girl power and so forth as women try to liberate themselves. Let get it straight, a woman or the female gender is not less a human and is not and will never be inferior to the man. There is no doubt the man is created in such a way that his makeup makes him physically different from the woman or even stronger than the woman but that dosent mean the female gender is inferior and should be treated as such.

It is even more sad to see in some culture how the man makes all the decision for the family without involving the wife and some culture allows the man to cheat on his wife at will with no consequence while all hell with be let loose if the woman does the same. If a woman marries more than one husband at the same time it makes news headline but a man is allowed to marry more than one wife at the same time regardless of his wife’s feeling about it.   Should the  female gender be treated this way?

The female gender is beautiful,strong,caring ,wise and much more.They were created for the man not as a second hand or inferior specie but as humans with same right with the man. The woman is suppose to be a companion,helper and so on for the man and not to be seen or treated as being inferior to the man.

Treat all the women in your life with respect and love, their place is not just in the kitchen.Let her live her life, achieve her dreams and aspirations. Allow her to speak her mind in the house,allow her take decisions that affects the family. Do not cheat on her as if she has no feelings and has no blood running in her vain,if you know you will feel hurt if she cheats on you then don’t do the same to her.

Let this principle guide you: Treat The Woman or Female gender exactly how you’ll want to be treated.

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