How To Prepare Ogbono Soup

Okay for all you food lovers, I will be discussing how to prepare ogbono soup.Ogbono soup is a soup prepared by the Igbo tribe in Nigeria. Ogbono soup can be eaten with Eba,Amala,Fufu or #Semovita.

To prepare Ogbono soup you need the following items

1. Ogbono


3.Smoked fish/Stock fish

4.crayfish and Okpeyi

5.palm oil



8. Ugu




First of all put your meat and stock fish in the pot and add onions,Maggie and salt and cook till the meat and stock fish is cooked well then add pepper to it and palm oil and allow to cook for 5 mins after which you add the Ogbono. Allow it to cook for 10mins after which you add the okro which has been cut into tiny bits and add the smoked fish allow to cook for about 10-15 mins after which you add your ugu leave,add Maggie and salt to taste and allow to cook well till the raw taste of the ugu is no longer there and you have your Ogbono soup ready to be enjoyed with Eba,Fufu,Amaka  or any starch of your choice.

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