Does Your Child Use The 5 Magic Words

Have you ever met an adult that is so rude that you couldn’t but think about the person’s attitude throughout the day. Are you in a relationship where your partner would never apologize to you even if he were at fault?  Do you have a colleague who would never thank you for helping him or her out or sitting in for him or her or even covering up for him? All these examples are cited do you know the reason for their attitude? It’s simple! They were never taught or used the 5magic words as kids and as adults it would be surprising to see them use it.

What are these 5 magic words? They are Please,excuse me,sorry ,thank you pardon me. Does Your Child know these words, it is one thing to know these words and it’s a different thing altogether to use it. Remember that it is difficult for an adult to stop what he or she has been doing from childhood and that is why you must teach your child to start using these words from early age .

No one likes a mannerless child or a mannerless adult,no one ever want to be around such a person and you can’t avoid your child being one  by teaching him or her these 5 magic words from childhood. Teach your child to show appreciation for favors by saying ‘Thank you’ . Let your child know the importance of apologizing when he or she is wrong by saying sorry, even when he grows up and is in a relationship he or she would never find it difficult to apologize to his or her partner. Same goes for the remaining magical words,make sure your child uses it regularly.

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