How To Stop Your Child from Bedwetting

No one likes a smelling house,nothing can be so embarrassing as visitors to your home being met with a stench smell as a result of your child’s bedwetting. This is no time for blame game or complaint,your visitor isn’t interested in knowing the reason for the stench smell but even if they do show interest or pretends it doesn’t matter because the smell is from your child’s bedwetting, do you think it is justified.

When your child is a baby it’s quite easy avoiding your child bedwetting by using diapers such as #Pampers for the child but as the child grows up obviously you can’t use diaper to avoid this. Now a lot of effort is needed by you to avoid this.

From my personal experience it seems Boys are prone to bedwetting. Though you may want to blame your child for bedwetting but the onus lies on you as a parent to stop your child from bedwetting. From experience I have noticed that my son always bedwet when he eats heavily and drink a lot of water or any other fluid before going to bed,even though this might not be true for every child but you certainly need to watch out for this.

Have you wondered why your friend or neighbors home doesnt smell yet they have kids of same age with your child or children? Simply because they are doing the right thing! They have taken the pain to train their kids not to bedwet by waking them up in the night to wee and also by avoiding them eating so much food before sleep or consuming so much fluid before sleeping. Simple isn’t it? Why not give it a try too and avoid those awful smell and give your home a fresh smell.

Reduce your child food intake at night and don’t allow the dinner time to be so close to sleeping time, also try to reduce the amount of fluid intake before bedtime.

Another way of preventing your child from bedwetting which obviously is a bit difficult and requires dedication from you,is waking up your child daily at night possibly between 11pm-1am. You need to do this daily and no sooner will your child be used to this and wake up at this time to urinate without you having to wake him or her up or better still get a bedwetting alarm that wakes the child up immediately he or she wee on him or herself.

Try out the methods above and let me know how it goes!

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