Teach Your Child The Importance Of Prayer

Have there ever been a day you didn’t communicate with your child? Hardly! Everyday you deepen the bond with your  child by communicating with him or her regularly, you attend to your child’s need,you guide him or her through life difficulties and you share your child’s joy and pain with him or her everyday.

How would your life be,if you were denied access to communicate with your child? Unimaginable isn’t it?  So therefore you must introduce your child to the almighty father from childhood and teach him or her how to communicate with him through prayer. Prayer is a very powerful key for those who know how to use it.

Do you yourself pray regularly or do you only pray when faced with diffulties, you can not teach your child what you don’t do,so you must first learn to pray if you are not the praying type. As a parent you must be prayerful,you must pray and bless your children daily,so it’s definitely odd if you do not pray as a parent.

Teach your child that just as he or she needs to communicate daily with you in like manner he or she must communicate with his Heavenly Father daily.

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