Should You Know Your Child’s Friend

There is a saying “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” . Do You Know your child’s friend?  Friends have a measure of influence on each other ,hence it is important to know who your child’s friend is.

Always encourage your child to bring his or her friend home,this would give you an opportunity to observe the friend and get to know the character of his friend. Some children from good homes have been lead astray by bad friends.

When your child bring his friend home don’t just leave them alone by themselves,interact with the friend and ask questions that would enable the kind of person your child’s friend is.  If you are not comfortable with your child’s choice of friends ,explain this to your child and make him or her see reasons why he must cut ties with his friend.

Remember birds of the same feather they say flock together, so if you care less about who your child is hanging out with,sooner or later you will have yourself to blame when they turn your child to exactly who they are.

Always communicate with your child about his choice of friends and the importance of choosing friends that share same belief and value with him .

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