Teach Your Child The Importance Of Greeting


Most parents are so busy this days and barely have time to teach and guide their child. Teach your child the importance of greeting,especially greeting the older ones.


Teach your child to greet those older than him, each culture has their way of greeting and your child should be taught this. I remembered when my niece and nephew spent their holiday with me,they don’t greet when they wake up in the morning neither do they greet after eating their meal. I didn’t blame the kids as it was obvious they were not taught the importance of greeting when they wake up in the morning nor after having a meal,so I had to teach them.


Dont allow outsiders to refer to your kids as being disrespectful just because you didn’t teach them the right thing. Even though each person’s way of greeting might be different but most cultures if not all place an important valueon greeting. It is disrespectful to pass by a family member without greeting or to totally ignore a visitor by not greeting.


No matter how busy you maybe it is your duty as a parent to teach your child how to greet properly in your culture. For instance in Yoruba culture in Nigeria a boy needs to prostrate to greet an elderly person,it is out of place for a child to greet an elderly person with handshake whereas in some other cultures this might be acceptable. In India you need to touch the feet of an elderly person when greeting.Your Child must know how to greet in your own culture.

Greetings are a perfect way to warm up to others,show you care and also show respect,hence your child must be taught from early age the importance of greeting.


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