Is it Wrong to Have A Favourite Child

Often times I have heard that parents have a favourite child,well I am a mother but honestly I do not have a favourite child, I love them all equally and appreciates each person’s uniqueness.

Having a favourite child does not mean a parent does not love the other kids but the parents love the character of a particular child over that of his siblings. Sometimes the parent shows favouritism to a particular child  without even knowing it and without also knowing that the siblings are aware of it.

If you have a favourite child do well not to let it be obvious to the other children in the house. As a parent you need to be extremely careful not to cause disharmony between your children by showing you have a favourite child. Do you remember the story of Joseph and his brothers,how his brothers sold him because they were envious of the fact that he is their father’s favorite son,this is not just a story as situation such as that still exist today so be wise.

In as much as it might be difficult for you not to have a favourite child,you must appreciate all your children and know each child it’s unique in his own way.Never show your children that you have a favourite child as that is wrong. If any of Child ever mentions that you prefer one of them over the other make sure you erase that thought from his or her mind.


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