Join The World AIDS Day Campaign


Today is world Aid Day,join the movement and enlighten people about AIDS. Well I think things are proving now and people are become much enlighten and the stigmatization is gradually decreasing.


Let people know that HIV is not infectious and someone with it can still live a normal healthy live . A HIV patient is not different from any other person and as such there is no need for stigmatization. All they need is love and support,bring HIV positive is not death penalty as a lot of HIV patients are living a healthy live .

A HIV patient need to take his or her drug regularly,eat healthy food and live a healthy lifestyle. If you are a HIV patient you need not be hard on yourself instead you should be brave and strong.


As you create aware and encourage people to stop the stigmatization,you need to test yourself regularly so as to know your status as early detection and treatment helps win the fight against HIV. Over 39 million is infected with HIV, hence the need for you to regularly know your status.

Hiv is treatable and preventable, avoid most of the obviously known way of contacting it such as several s3xual partner, having unprotected s3x and sharing sharp objects with an infected person. Anyone can contact HIV so you need to be careful and take preventive measures.

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