Why I Don’t Like Yinglang Curling Tong


One interesting thing about wedding is all sort of souvenirs given to guest,especially if you bought the asebi cloth. Wow! I have a lot of ashebi cloth even though I am not the party type and do not like attending all this owambe. Amazingly some of this ashebi’s can be very expensive ,I have bought an ashebi for N100,000 ($400) can you imagine that! That is how crazy it can be sometimes. One day at one of the wedding I attended one of the souvenir I got was a yinglang curling tong, I was quite happy because prior to that time I had wanted to buy a curling tong online,so I felt the souvenir came at the right time .


Now this tonging  curl promises of everything from extra hot professional element to non tangle swivel cord and brands itself as a professional curling thong, well I must confess I am a rookie when it comes to using curling tong by myself but even at that i don’t think I need any magic to know how to use it,so I was very disappointed when it doesn’t tong my hair no matter how long I leave the thing plugged in to get hot, did I mention that there was no curl! Chai!! What kind of fake curling tong is this .

I was quite unhappy and disappointed at the performance of the curling tong after all it branded itself as a professional curling tong.

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