How To Spend Quality Time With Your Child


Children are precious gift from God to you. You should treat them with love and care. It is your duty as a parents to nurture this gifts into responsible men and women that will be useful to you and the society at large.


Spend quality time with your child by communicating regularly with your child.Know what is going on in your child life and make it easy for your child to approach you and be open to you. You should not just be a parent to your child but you must also be a friend to your child.

Be firm but not strict with your child. Be reasonable when taking decisions that affects your child,try and get your child involved in the decision making process,this helps the child to know he or she is cherished and that the decision made is in his or her interest.


Avoid irritating your child thereby making it difficult for your child to obey you. Do not use abusive words on your child when you are angry. Your child is watching you  and how you treat him or her will be how your child might end up treating his or her  own child too, hence you should be examplary in whatever do.

Lastly bring them up spiritually,teach your child good morals. Let your child know wrong from right from early age so that when he or she grows up ,he will give you peace of mind.

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