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A2 hosting server

If you are familiar with my reviews,you will know that I do not ever write reviews on product I have not used because I believe in the saying that experience is the best teacher.



My Journey with A2 hosting started in August this year, when my former hosting provider one of the EIG owned hosting company started to mess up. It was such a terrible period for me,it is an ordeal and emotional trauma I never want to remember. During this period myregistrywedding.com was down for three whole weeks! Yeah 3 solid weeks with no hope. I contacted my hosting provider but I was being tusked up and down. Support tickets were never responded, the customer supports will keep me waiting forever to start a chat and when they finally come on,they are half-baked with no idea of what is happening nor any useful information on the way forward. Though later their customer support improved,the only thing I love about their support was that they were polite ,very willing to assist but just that they are not knowledgeable enough to help, another annoying thing is that they will tell me they have escalated my issue to an admin manager or whatever they call him but bottom line no one got back to me and my site was still down . It was later when I checked online that I knew I was not alone,that their systems has problem and almost all customers were affected.


At this point I knew I had to move on but yet another issue,I have paid for 2 years in advance.oh my! What a disaster ! And just to imagine that I paid monthly for the first year just in case if I don’t like their service,I can easily dust-up my things and move on. Well after the first year and I felt I love their service even though there were period of  downtime ,I still decided to move on with them and paid for 2 years but with the present situation I knew I had to look beyond the money and move on .Did I forget to mention that they also stopped email support,which is one of the supports I love most rather than being stucked on a chat.

Now it was time to move on! Enough of bad service ,I needed to move on to a hosting provider who values its business and that of its customer and that was how the search started. I started reading reviews because obviously that was the mistake I made with my first host as I never checked them up perhaps I would have seen all the negative reviews about them online.

So the first two hosting providers that caught my attention was mdd hosting and A2 hosting , what actually caught my attention with Mdd was their support especially since they had nothing like priority support but in terms of speed A2 was leading and really what is more important to a blogger than Speed and Uptime,every other thing is secondary and A2 happens to be the leader. With no waste of time I decided to try out their swift server as they claim, I was skeptical to pay for a whole year based on my previous experience but with their anytime money back guarantee I decided to take the risk once again and pay for 1 year.

My Experience So Far With A2 Hosting

There is a saying in my language ” that if a woman have not tasted 2 husbands she won’t know which is the best”  comparing my previous host to A2 is like talking about life and death. My experience with A2 hosting has been awesome ,I am yet to get jetpack downtime report,my site comes up very fast,their server is indeed swift and I love the customer support because even though I am not on priority support ,my mails get responded to timely,the best part about their email support is a mail that is sent to you a day or so just to find out again if your issue has been resolved.

Uptime Report
Myregistrywedding Alexa Uptime Report

If you are looking for Speed, Uptime, customer support then look no further,  signup with them here 👉A2 Hosting and you will not regret it. I mean it you will be happy you did.


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