Get This Blender For Grinding Your Beans

Binatone Blender BLG-450

I love beans cake and moi-moi especially because they are a good source of protein but most times I really don’t feel excited about cooking it because I have to go grind the beans outside. Sometimes the way the people handle their grinding machine in terms of hygiene is an eye sour and can only leave one irritated.


To avoid all those irritation for a long time I stopped preparing beans cake and moimoi. when the urge for it comes I try my best to look for another food as substitute.

I started searching the Internet for a blender that could grind beans, I even searched Alina and most of the prices there were throat-cutting. After so much search,I gave up and bade my favourites foods good-bye ,little did I know that what I was looking for was close to me in a nearby supermarket.


One day my husband came back home and Lo and behold he has bought a blender, I was wondering why he bought a blender because I really don’t need a blender apart from the fact that I am looking for a blender to blend my beans which of course I didn’t think the blender he bought can fit into.

Moreover, most of the things that needs grinding, I  grind them at the market to take the stress off me. However, he said he bought it for the pepper sauce.

My hubby likes meat in pepper sauce but i felt he shouldn’t have bought it as I thought it was a waste of money if that was its only use.I always wanted a blender that could serve several purposes.

Well, one day out of curiosity I decided to peel a cup of beans , then I tried using the blender to grind it and to my biggest surprise it worked,the grinding was so smooth as if the beans was grinded using commercial grinding machine.

You need to see my excitement and joy! Finally I can now eat my beans cake and moi-moi with no worries. All thanks to Binatone Blender, it is indeed a lifesaver.

The exact  Binatone Blender to get  is BLG-450 don’t get the small Binatone Blender .

Binatone Blender with Grinder BLG-450
Binatone Blender with Grinder BLG-450
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3 Replies to “Get This Blender For Grinding Your Beans

  1. Just got the same blender and i must say it truly works and thanks for providing the link of whers to buy it. I love your blog and thanks for the information.

  2. Incase you need an Engineer to fix your Binaton blender, or any other electronics please contact me i base in Ikeja Lagos.

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