Replenish Your Hair With This Fat Protein Relaxer

Dark and Lovely for full hair

Do you have scanty hair and envy your friends that have full hair? Sweetheart your worries are over with the new Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Bodifying Relaxer. When I bought the product all I wanted was just a relaxer for my hair, I remembered vividly that the day I bought it I never wanted to buy it as that wasn’t the regular product I use but since my regular product was not available I didn’t want to go without buying a relaxer for my hair. That was how my journey with Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Bodifying Relaxer started and ever since then I always buy and use it so I can have a rich straight hair.




The pack has 6 retouch application sachet which is very good for you if your scalp easily gets irritated as the Fat Protein comforts the scalp.I advice that before you use it that you should perform a strand text to be sure it suits your hair. If you have a damaged scalp it’s advisable you let your scalp to heal before you use it. If you already have semi permanent or permanent color on your hair it’s better you wait for some weeks before using this product .please and please do not use it if your hair is bleached,highlighted,treated with henna or metallic dalits or a thio. If you have used this product before share your experience with me in the comment session.


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