Don’t Use This Product On Your Funmi Hair

Hawaiian Silky

This is my story, I went to the store to get serum for my Funmi Hair but on getting there they had no serum instead of letting me go, the sales girl introduced me to 14-in -1 Miracle oil. Yeah! 14- in-1, the product claims to do all sort of things, perhaps it does but  doesn’t work for Funmi Hair.

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After so much talk from the sales girl,I bought the product with so much excitement and expectation ,hoping to see the miracle it will do on my hair . Indeed it did do a miracle but a different miracle from what I expected. OMG! My Funmi Hair! Sepa owo wo igbo! that was my exact exclamation when the miracle cream miraculously spoilt my Funmi Hair,not the whole Hair though but a bundle and you of course know the worth  of one bundle of Funmi Hair.  You can imagine the anger,the pain,disappointment as I looked at the 14-1-Miracle cream.

Before Using the cream


After Applying the Cream


Obviously the cream works for weaves and other weavons but not Funmi Hair. Funmi Hair is quite expensive and one can not just afford to apply any sort of cream on the hair and get it messed up.See the picture above ,don’t let experience teach you. Now you know so don’t fall for any sales girl trick to buy and use the Hawaiian Silky  on your Funmi Hair but if you have weaves or other Weavon you can get it, I used it on my other Weavons and it was so perfect as it makes the weavons bounce back to life and it also makes the hair full. The product can be used as a hair activator and moturizer on normal curls and perm waved hair.It also helps to soften and detangle hair while shooting the scalp but I will definitely not recommend it for Funmi Hair.

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