Bride:How Often Do You Let Your Husband Know He’s A Good Man




How do you feel when someone makes you know you are good person? Of course you feel appreciated and happy. How often do you let your husband know how good he is , do you dwell more on his mistakes and talk about it all the time. You married your husband because there were some nice qualities you saw in him,you choose because he was a nice person and you believe you will be a better with him.

Years down the lane, you may start to overlook this qualities and dwell more on his weaknesses and the more you dwell on his weakness, the more you will overlook the good qualities that drew you to him in the first place. Remember that dwelling only on his weaknesses will only cause friction between both of you and may even make you to resent him.Stop for a minute and recount all those good traits in him. Remember that a successful marriage is built on love , forgiveness, tolerance and understanding.


Do you know that by telling your husband constantly about how good he is or telling about those qualities you like about him, will make him happy, spice up your relationship and most importantly want to gain your favor and hear more of those praises by displaying more of those good traits. No husband likes a nagging wife, a wife that her words pierce his soul like a sword, a wife that never sees anything good in what he does. A man hates it when he wife complains about everything he does and picks on him every time. Sing praises of your husband to him, do not tell every body who cares to listen how good your husband is but you will never say it to your husband.
Call him, leave a note, send him a text message letting him know how good and wonderful a person he is.

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12 Replies to “Bride:How Often Do You Let Your Husband Know He’s A Good Man

  1. Very correct, some wife will only boast to their friends about their husband but will never tell the man how good he is

  2. My wife makes me feel I am not doing my best until the day I overheard her telling her sister how wonderful I am, some women won’t just praise you

  3. My wife tells me how lucky she is to marry me but that was in the early years of our marriage, when the children came , I have not heard those words again in years

  4. There was a day I was watching movie with my wife and in that movie the woman was pampering her husband and saying sweet things to him, know challenged my wife that why doesn’t he do it but he told me that saying sweet words to me might get into my head, can you imagine that

  5. I am very guilty of not telling my husband that he is good, I have never thought of it as being necessary. He is a very good man and we have a good relationship even though I have never mentioned to him how good he is

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