How To Have An Effective Communication With Your Partner


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A long-lasting marriage is that which is built on effective communication. Sadly some couple barely communicate with each other or they just talk. Effective communication involves feedback from your partner and to get such feedback , effective listening is required. Don’t just talk communicate, you talk when your partner is not fully engaged but communication requires that your partner is fully engaged most especially because thecommunication is positive. For effective communication to take place you both have to truly listen without no distraction when the other person speaks.

Communication is not talking, when your partner is involved in the discussion and you both exchange thoughts and ideas then you are having an effective communication. You must be able to pass on your ideas without screaming , nagging or shouting. Exchange ideas lovingly and help each other become a better person.

When you communicate does your partner get angry and it turns into an argument? Then watch it, you are definitely not communicating effectively. When you argue with your partner you are talking not communicating because you are not exchanging positive ideas and neither of you is truly listening to the other. If you must complain about something do it lovely, constructively, avoid making your partner defensive which will hinder positive or effective communication. Cultivate the skill to communicate effectively with your partner knowing that communication is part of the foundation for successful marriage.

7 Replies to “How To Have An Effective Communication With Your Partner

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  2. My husband doesn’t know what communication is, if he’s running late from work he will never call nor send you an sms to let you know he will come home late and why. So annoying

  3. My husband is very selfish when it comes to communicating, he is only interested in himself. He discusses issues pertaining to himself and his workplace but when I talk about my personal issues he gives me a cold shoulder, so I have decided to keep to myself

  4. My wife is a parrot, she talks about everything without knowing when to stop, she doesn’t even mind if you are not contributing to the conversation, she just goes on and on, sometimes it puts me off and sometimes it makes me miss her when she is not around.

  5. My husband is not the talking type , it’s very difficult to start a conversation with him, most time is difficult to understand him but am coping

  6. I am a very funny person and when I wanted to marry I made sure that my wife is someone that has a high sense of humour, easy going and someone that I discuss with

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