How To Prepare For A Successful Marriage




Constructing a building requires careful preparation.Before the foundation is laid, land must be purchased and you get an architect to draw up plans. However something else is important, that is calculating the cost of building the house and being sure you can afford it.


Constructing a building can also be liken to constructing a successful marriage, most times most single people say I want to get married, but how many of them are really ready? How many of them have considered the cost of being married. Though marriage is a source of joy but have they considered the tribulation that also comes with it?


For you to have a successful marriage, you must be ready for marriage. You must have a realistic view of both the blessings and the costs of being married .Remember the ceremony part of the marriage it’s not what is important, it doesn’t matter how many millions you spent or how many of your friends and family that came from different part of the world but what matters most is being ready to face the challenges that comes with marriage and maintaining a marital relationship year after year.

Marriage is different from being single , it requires whole hearted commitment because this is a long term relationship which requires maintainance for it not to collapse. This commitment requires a matured heart, hence marriage is not for amateurs. It is often encouraged that it is better to marry when you are past the bloom of youth as young people change rapidly as they grow up. It has also been noticed that many who married very young find that after just a few years their needs and desires as well as that of their partner changes.

Statistics reveal that teenagers who marry are much more likely to be unhappy and seek divorce than those who wait longer. If you must have a successful marriage do not rush into marriage as some years spent as a young single adult gives you precious experience that will make you matured, more ready and better qualified to be a suitable marriage partner. Hence, help yourself to understand yourself better while waiting to be married, so you can develop and enjoy a successful relationship in your marriage.


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