The Power Of “Thank You” In Marriage

In the world today, it is not surprising to notice that people are ungrateful and unthankful, unfortunately this trait has gradually find its way into the marriage. When last did you thank your partner for their act of kindness? Do you thank your partner for fulfilling their roles in the family or you think is not necessary. There is a saying that if you thank someone for what he has done, he will do more. Apply this saying in your marriage only then will you know the power of thank you in your marriage .

Are you a man, do you thank your wife for all the domestic work she does in the house, especially this days that women have a job and still have to take care of the home. When she sweats it out in the kitchen cleaning, do you appreciate her hardwork or you feel she’s just doing her duty. What of after eating her meal do you always appreciate her effort in preparing the meal or you just feel well that is the reason I married her. You must learn to be thankful and appreciate your spouse effort, never take it for granted. Are you the kind of partner that when your wife is in the kitchen preparing meal you are in the sitting room watching football and when the food is served the only appreciation you can show its to complain about the food. If you must complain first of all appreciate the effort put in preparing the food and then lovingly make your point with getting across as being unthankful .Are you thankful when your wife supports you financially? The economy situation of today has made it difficult for the man to take care of the family finances alone, so you must always be grateful to your wife for taking up a job to support the family. Always be grateful to her.

When last did you appreciate or thank your husband for providing for the family, even if you contribute to what he brings, you still need to appreciate him, do you know there are men who are not taking care of their family, hence you need to be thankful to him for performing his duty. Are you the type that keeps nagging that he contributes little to the family or proud because you earn more that him, please humble yourself and be thankful to him for his little contribution only then will he be moved to do more. When you and your spouse learn to say “thank you” to each other for the roles you play in each other life , only then will you know that “thank you” is not just a word but a powerful word that leads to successful marital life .

12 Replies to “The Power Of “Thank You” In Marriage

  1. This one got me smiling all through because it seems the article was just referring to my husband. He is a good man though but finds it very difficult to say thank you.

  2. I always thank my husband for everything he does for me but when I work tirelessly at home he doesn’t thank me but he thanks me after eating. most time I really get upset when I am working so hard and he doesn’t help out nor appreciate my effort

  3. Generally in life people find it difficult to say thank you, last year December my husband’s younger sister who was in school came to collect money from him, unfortunately my husband had no money then and told her to come back in a month. She cried all through the night and said she was going to miss her exam if she doesn’t pay up, so I decided to take money from the little money I wanted to use to get wares in my shop. To my surprise after giving her the money she didn’t say thank you. It was as if I was given a blow , not as if the thank you was really a big deal but realizing I had to discomfort my self to make hef happy and yet there is no sign of appreciation made me feel extremely sad. If people can learn Tobe thankful the world will definitely be a better place.

  4. Everyday I teach my children to be say thank you to people when they do things for them, I believe if parents do this by the time the children grows up and get married they won’t find it difficult to thank their partners. So it begins from home

  5. I don’t need my partner to just say thank you, say it indeed not verbally. Show me you really appreciate by your actions not even necessarily saying thank you. For instance what if I am cleaning the house , washing the dishes and doing laundry and he goes to get me some snacks , juice to make me relax . I would even prefer it more than an ordinary thank you

  6. Hence forth I will always saying thank you to my husband, before I just see him as doing his husband role. Okay I have learnt a new one

  7. My wife always insist everyone says thank you after dinner I used to think is because of her tribe, I use to object to it but hence forth I will make sure everyone say thank you after meal

  8. Is it wrong for your boss to say thank you. Most of the boss I have worked with hardly ever say thank no matter how you go out of your way to get something done for them

  9. I once gave money to a friend who came to borrow money, Infact I dashed him the money but he never said thank you. He collected it as if it was his right, so I said to him let me check the money, it seems there is one torn that I mistakenly added to it. Immediately he gave me back the money, that was end of story. I can’t dash my hard earned money to someone who can’t appreciate it.

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