The Best Way To Save Data On Your Android Phone


If you are from a country where internet isn’t cheap, I bet you’ll definitely be on the lookout on how to save your data. You might be both amazed and angry at how your data decrease even before you can do anything meaningful online. Anyways worry no more as in this post you will find out an easy way to save data on your phone.


The first thing to do is to go to the settings tab on your phone. Click on Connections, then data usage, you will see data saver, turn it on. Once you turn it on, images on your email wouldn’t load except you click on the show image on your email. What thus does is that it helps you to save your data. Most of those images that load on your email consumes a lot of data.


Apart from that, you can also go a step further by clicking on mobile data usage. Here you will see different apps and the amount of data each consume. Click on the apps you want then turn off Allow background data usage and also Allow app while Data saver is on. This will stop the app from running in the background.


What you don’t know is that some apps keeps using data even when you are not using them. Some are updating automatically in the background or doing one thing or the other without you knowing. Hence, turning off both Allow background data usage and Allow app while Data saver is on will stop the app from using your data at the background. This will save you a lot of data.

Additionally, you can also go to settings on your Instagram page, click on your ACCOUNT. Under account, click on CELLULAR DATA USE then turn it on. Just as the data saver on your phone, turning on your Instagram data saver will ensure videos don’t load in advance thereby ensuring you save your data.


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