Blindlee Dating App Review

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Online dating has become more popular than ever especially during the pandemic. A lot of people turned to online dating to escape the boredom or loneliness that came with the lockdown and this brought about the thriving of many dating apps.


There are a lot of dating apps today from the popular to the less popular apps. From the popular ones such as Tinder, Ok cupid eharmony, Hinge to the new ones such as Dating 20, Blindlee and so forth. For the purpose of this article we would review the blindlee app.


Blindlee app is a new dating app that was released on December 8th 2019 by 2 startup brothers and has about 5000 users. According to their story what brought about the idea of creating Blindlee was the experience of their cousin who met someone online but when they met in real life the man looked 15 years older as he has been using his old pictures on his profile and this birth the idea of blurred video call to avoid such issues.


What is Blindlee and how does it work

Blindlee is a free (atleast for now it’s free) dating app where you get to meet someone through a blurred video call. During the call the woman has the control over the blur. The blurr goes from 100% to 0 so the woman can decide along with mutual agreement with the man to unblurr.

The benefit of the blurred video call is that you can have your privacy while chatting with the stranger for just 3mins, if there seems to be a connection then you both can completely unblurr. I could have said it also helps not to concentrate on the looks in order to build a better connection but even with the blurred you can still get a good view of the the other’s person face. (Not sure if that’s the same from the man’s side) but from the woman’s side you can really know if the man is ugly or fine if looks matters to you because even though is blurry you can still get a good view of the face.

What are the Pros of this app

  1. It is free even though they might introduce some fee later but for now it is free. Unlike a lot of this popular dating apps that you need to pay to find the so called love ,this app is free.
  2. Apart from Tinder, most of this popular apps bar some geographic location especially with regards to Africa. But this Blindlee is very inclusive. Regardless of your location you can use the app.
  3. Your privacy is protected as you get to meet strangers first through a blurred call then if you both agree to unblurr the video call then you can match and continue from there.
  4. There is less catfishing here, or use of fake photos that is if there is even any as you get to see the person you are talking to straight on even though it’s blurred.

What we don’t like about the app

  1. The app can be confusing as you don’t really know how to match with someone. There should be a FAQ on the app which should be a guide .
  2. The 3 minutes time its damn too short to connect with a stranger. Even before you can ask questions the time is up and the call goes off and there is no way to reconnect with the person. It would have been better if there was a place ( like a call log) where you can see all the people you have spoken to so you can simply click on their name and call them back. Because once the call goes of there is no way of calling the person back.
  3. You get calls from people outside your selected age range. For instance let’s say Sarah is 30 years and she is looking for a man within the age of 30-40 and Micheal who is 20 years is looking for women within the age of 20-30, ordinarily I shouldn’t expect that Michael’s call should be sent to Sarah because even though Sarah is 30 years and within the age bracket Micheal is looking for but Michael’s age isn’t within the age bracket Sarah is looking for. But this is exactly what happens on this app. I also want to believe this is the reason most people don’t pick up call or even bother to call back despite seeing their missed calls because of the age range issue.
  4. There are no plenty users for now so you keep getting sent to the same people who don’t pick up calls.
  5. The call notification is poor. It doesn’t ring out so you can be with your phone and not even know someone is calling you on the app except when you see the app icon on your phone menu bar which indicates either a missed or abandoned call. To avoid missed calls the call notification should ring out or vibrate so you know someone Is calling.
  6. There is no call log, only missed call log. There should be a call log so you can call back a person incase the call goes off within the 3 mins time.
  7. There is no support within the app. This is necessary so people can reach out with issues immediately which would help improve the app.
  8. Apart from the age and name that is shown during call, I think the location should also be added. So you immediately know the location of the person you are speaking to so no one catfish you with their location.
  9. There is no profile matching. The only criteria for matching or calling someone is age and gender which isn’t too good. At least there should be some basic profile match between you and the other person before calling.

So out of 5 what do we rate the Blindlee app? I will rate the app a 3.5, its a great app in my opinion and you get to meet real people but it still needs improvement especially on the cons mentioned above. So go give the Blindlee app a try and hopefully you’ll find the love of your life there!


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