Reasons Men Are Blamed For The High Rate Of Divorce


The high rate of divorce is alarming and most of this divorce is filed by women. This means that men have a lot more to do in ensuring the success of their marriage.


Divorce is a very tough decision and before a woman would decide to take that route, trust me she has over endured in that marriage.


3 Reasons Why A Man Should Be Blamed For A Failed Marriage

1.A Man is The Head of the Family: God made men the head of the family for a purpose. Unfortunately, most men ain’t fulfilling this purpose which has led to high rate of divorce.


Additionally, as the head of the family a man is responsible for the success or failure of his marriage. That is why when Adam and Eve sinned, despite the fact that it was Eve who first ate the fruit and made Adam to sin, it was Adam that God held responsible for their disobedience.

2.Most Men are Extremely Unfaithful : Infidelity plays a major role in the reason why a lot of men are failing woefully in their headship role. It also plays a major role in several issues that disrupts the peace of a marriage.

For instance, an unfaithful man can’t provide companionship to his wife neither can he show her love nor provide her with adequate spousal support ( emotionally, financially, spiritually and otherwise) because another woman is receiving all this.

When a woman is lonely in her marriage and lacks love and support from her husband this triggers a whole bunch of problems referred to as irreconcilable difference in Divorce.

3.Most Men take the Dealbreakers in their Marriage for Granted: Most men do not take dealbreakers such as infidelity, companionship and openness in their marriage seriously. They believe they can always have their way and that the woman would stay with them no matter what. Unfortunately for them they are yet to realize that women of this era no longer sees divorce as a taboo and would take the next available exit if a man doesn’t get his acts together.

Though the ONLY ground for Divorce in the bible is infidelity. However, most if not all other issues that leads to Divorce comes from infidelity.

Men take your marriage more seriously! Stop being distracted by other women. Most importantly, take the dealbreakers in your marriage very seriously and don’t intentionally cross your marriage boundaries.

Apologize when you are wrong and even when you are not wrong. Be a spiritual leader in your home and make God first in whatever decision you make. THE SUCCESS OF YOUR MARRIAGE LIES MOSTLY IN YOUR HANDS!

credit : MyMarriage Podcast


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