This Is When You Should Divorce Your Spouse


Most marriages today are facing turbulent times and what quickly comes to mind for some couples is to dissolve the marriage. Is Divorce the solution to every marital issues? Of course Not!

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The marriage institution is just like any other institution and there is bound to be conflict from time to time. Resolving this conflicts require mutual effort of the couple. Running away from one’s problem is a sign of cowardice and this is never a solution.

Whatever marital problem you are facing today is nothing new, it has been faced by others, will be faced by others and is being faced by other people. Your scenario might be different but basically marriage issues such as infidelity, money , communication, in-law, fertility and much more are universal and it’s not just Peculiar to you.

If your marriage is presently troubled before thinking of dissolving it, seek out other reasonable ways of resolving the issues even if this involves involving close family members who are matured enough to resolve the issues.

Remember that the only acceptable ground for divorce is adultery and even at that it isn’t compulsory, you can forgive your spouse if you so wish and continue with the relationship. Remember that what ever decision you take you will live with its consequences. If you already have kids, are they worth keeping your relationship? How would dissolving the marriage affect them in the long run?

If the relationship is toxic or domestic violence is involved, you can be separated without remarrying until you both are able to work things out.

Marriage is not for everyone but if you decide to be married to the extent of having kids then you must be ready to consider this kids when taking any decision that will affect their life journey.

A lot of people has passed through what you are facing right now and have put in effort to ensure their marriage work. You see couples celebrating their 10,15,30,25 anniversary and you wish to be like them did you think theirs was a bed of roses? Of course not.

There is a saying that the only constant thing in life is change, hence whatever you are passing through now it’s just a phase in your marriage. It will definitely pass away. Try a lot of dialogue with your spouse, choose the best time for this and continue being at your best behavior despite your spouse attitude. Keep a positive attitude and be determined to make your marriage work out.

Marriage issues are normal, don’t pack your things and run out of your marriage based on trivial issues, even if they ain’t trivial, it’s just not right. If you can’t resolve the issues on your own then involve matured family members rather than running out of your own home or seeking for divorce.


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