Should A Wife Know The Source Of Her Husband’s Wealth


it’s quite shameful that some women do not know the true source of their husband’s wealth and they barely care to know! What matters most to them is living lavishly and flaunting their lifestyle on social media.


It is your right as a wife to know the true source of your husband’s wealth and to watch out if the source he tells you collaborate with the way he spends. We’ve seen cases where a man is being caught for crime only for the wife to deny knowing what her husband does for living. Remember, when the chips are down no one will believe you if you dare say you don’t know the true source of your husband’s wealth because it is expected that you should know.


Being a wife doesn’t start and end with you being a cook, cleaning the house and taking care of the kids it also involves looking out for your husband, advising him and also protecting him with prayers. However, how can you advise him especially if he’s into crime if you don’t know what he actually does. How do you know where to direct your prayer if you don’t know what he does.


Don’t be carried away by his lavish spending on you that you really don’t bother to dig further about the source of the wealth most especially when what he fronts as his job can’t really sustain your lavish lifestyle. Also listen to your instincts because most times it is always right.


Well you may say how would you know if he doesn’t tell you what he actually does? Then you need to snoop around! The truth is no body is a better investigative detective than a determined wife. A wife who is determined needs no training to get to the root of what she wants to know about her husband. Thus if you don’t have a carefree attitude and you are not lazy with a few snooping around you will surely find out what your husband does.

The first place to start is his phone, you would hardly miss it if you try snooping around his phone. Check his apps ,WhatsApp, messages and so forth that will help you know if there is more to what he’s doing other than what he told you he does for a living. Check his emails and conversations on social media you’ll definitely find something.


You may feel does it really matter to stress yourself to find out? My dear it does really matter if you truly love your husband. If you know what he does and if it’s illegal you can advise him to stop. Most men whose source of wealth is through Illegitimate means would hardly let their wife in on this, hence it becomes your duty to find out and know how to talk him into quitting because the day he gets caught he won’t be the only one to suffer the shame as he would dent both your image and that of the kids.

You may also end up losing him depending on the type of Illegitimate business he does. If he is sentenced to death then you’ll become a widow while your kids would become fatherless all because you did not fulfill your duty as a wife. If he is jailed imagine bringing up your kids without their father. Hence, do the needful now while you still can rather than flaunting wealth you don’t know the true source all over social media.


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