Give Your Body A Boost Of Plant Based Protein With Happy Little Plants Protein Puffs

If you are like me and love to eat healthy then I’m sure plant based protein would be part of your meal. Protein from plant is very good for the body and it is highly advised for consumption over other types of protein and that is why I’m always on the lookout for meals or snacks that are plant based.


When it comes to snacks, my go to snack which is plant-based is HORMEL® HAPPY LITTLE PLANTS™ Protein Puffs. I was a bit sceptical when i wanted to get it because to be honest this was my first time tasting a plant-based snacks but I was amazed at how tasty and delicious it was. It comes in three varieties and I had to get the three variants so I can see what each taste like.

The plant-based protein puffs comes in three varieties and each serving contains 16 grams of protein. The three variants are Ranch, Nacho Cheese and Cinnamon &Sugar. The three variants are all tasty but personally I prefer Cinnamon &Sugar,I just loved it! With each bite I wanted more!


Most importantly, I loved the fact that I was snacking and yet it was a healthy eating which is nutritional and gives my body a perfect boost. If you are a plant lover, I bet you’ll fall in love with this tasty,crunchy and delicious plant-based protein puffs. My kids loved it too, this is a perfect snacks for both adults and kids.

Additionally, if you are on a weightloss journey and you are looking for a healthy snacks that will fit into your routine, you’ve got this! Enjoy your snacks and rest easy knowing you are eating healthy snacks.

The three variants are available on Amazon, click here to get yours and be on your way to healthy snacking which gives your body a perfect boost.

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