How Being A Social Media Influencer Can Open Doors Of Opportunities For You.

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A lot of businesses are beginning to realize the power of influencer marketing in their business and as such most businesses are engaging a lot of social media influencers to boost their business.There can be no perfect time to become an influencer yourself than now.

Regardless of how many followers you have right now, there is something for everyone. Some business love to engage influencers that have millions of followers while some business prefer micro influencers which means even if you are just starting off there is definitely something for you.

One interesting thing about being a social media influencer is getting free products from vendors in addition to the payment in exchange for brand exposure although some influencers are now getting it all wrong by approaching businesses for freebies in exchange for exposure. In my opinion, it is always better to allow businesses to approach you especially if it has to do with freebies than you approaching them.


Things You Should Know As An Influencer

As an influencer you can save quite some money if you are preparing for an occasion by reaching out to brands who might be interested in gaining exposure but are willing to reduce the price of their products for you. This is more like a deal in exchange for brand exposure. Imagine you are planning for your wedding and you want to reduce your budget for the wedding, what you can do especially if you have a large following is to reach out to various wedding vendors and work out how you can promote their product or services while they reduce the cost for you.

You also need to know how to convince the brand through your pitch, this is extremely Important in getting the brand to accept your proposal. For instance, if it’s a wedding, you can make the brand realize that your followers will be eagerly waiting for your wedding photos, wedding videos or even a live video and that there would be a lot of people watching which would be an opportunity to create exposure for the brand.

This might sound all rosy but you need to realize that it is not always that easy especially when you are just starting off and growing your social channels. Just as Alexandra Nicole pointed out, it takes time, it is not something you build overnight, so don’t get discouraged when brands do not accept your proposal or dont want to work with you. Expect a lot of turndown especially when you are just starting off but don’t give up. Once you are consistent and keep growing your channels you will get so many opportunities.

Another advice I will give you is to join an influencer marketing network, this would make it easy for you to have access to a lot of brands. Joining an influencer marketing network also makes it easy for you to see exactly what the brands wants before you send over your pitch. It helps you take the guess work out and ensure you have what it entails before approaching brands.

Apart from joining an influencer network, you can also indicate in your bio on your channels that you do product reviews and sponsored post. Also indicate how brands can reach you by displaying either your email or phone number or even both. It is also Important to build a long term relationship with brands as this will help you to work with them for a long time rather than always looking for new brands to work with.

It is also Important to know your worth and know how much to charge brands as you grow. A lot of brands will reach out to you for product exchange for exposure without no payment, you need to know when to start declining this freebies and get paid for your work. Yes! For your work, it might seem easy but a lot of work goes into taking that perfect product picture or even creating an engaging and interesting video for the product. Hence, you deserve payment for your work not just the product. The funny part is that a brand that gave you only product in exchange for exposure will go out there and pay your counterpart for the same job in addition to the product. So do not shortchange yourself, know your worth.

In conclusion, being a social media influencer can be a gateway to great opportunities that you never expected such as working with both local and International brands, getting free products that are expensive, earning a stable income, becoming self employed by being an online entrepreneur. All these opportunities and more is what awaits you by becoming a social media Influencer and doing it the proper way.


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