Does Being A Virgin Have A Positive Impact On Your Marriage


Let me start by saying that it is good to keep your virginity till you are married. *For the purpose of this article I will be reffering to women* But at the same time you must understand the reason why you are keeping your virginity till you get married. I strongly encourage ladies out there to keep their virginity till they are married because that is exactly what God wants. This is obvious from the fact that God chose a virgin to birth his son, hence God values virgins and hate fornicators.


A lot of times women keep their virginity for the wrong reasons and this is what i want to address in this article. Let me make it clear that the best reason to keep your virginity till you are married is because you want to please God and keep your body undefiled. Apart from this, do not be deceived into thinking that your husband would love you more because you are a virgin, or he would be faithful to you because you are a virgin, or that your marriage would be successful because you are a virgin. The truth is virginity has nothing to do with this.


The success of your marriage or the attitude of your spouse towards you is not determined by your virginity. Being a virgin does not guarantee anything in marriage. Infact those who did not keep their virginity before marriage enjoy successful marriage and deep love from their husband which proofs that virginity is not a yardstick for happiness and success in marriage.


Don’t get disappointed when your man sleeps around despite knowing he is the only man who has touched you. Don’t get disappointed when your man doesn’t show you true love despite keeping your body till marriage with the hope of being loved unconditionally.

Your virginity might truly pay off if only you also get married to a man who is a virgin which is extremely difficult to come by. Unfortunately, majority of men ain’t virgin and despite liking the idea of marrying a virgin they can’t stand the reality of having a naive wife on the bed and because they are explorers who have explored different women they immediately jump out to continue the exploration instead of helping the s3xually naive wife to satisfy them.

Hence, if you are a virgin keep this in mind and don’t get disappointed when your hopes are dashed after marriage.


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