Importance Of Knowing Your Spouse Inside Out

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How well can you truly say you know your spouse? Marriage is a union of two different individuals whom have come together to become one. In other words these two individuals are now one entity meaning they know everything about each other and hides nothing from each other and only through this can they align their thoughts, dreams and life journey together. *For the purpose of this article I will be directing this to women because most times it is the men that live a double life , that doesn’t mean women too don’t live a double life. Nevertheless, the information here is applicable to both men and women*


Unfortunately, this is not true most times especially for women. Most women are shocked to discover whom their husband truly is and sometimes this revelation happens when they least expected it. More troubling is the fact that outsiders find it difficult to believe that the woman truly did not know about the husband’s terrible character.


Being married for a long time does not automatically mean you know whom your spouse truly is and you might be in for a shocker the day you discover. Remember some individual are very good at pretending, they present to you what you want to see and hide their horrible ways from you. They are very good at living a double life and despite living with him for several years you might not know except you go an extra mile. You may be wondering how would you know if your spouse is truly whom he presents himself to be and if it is really important going the extra mile to find out. Yes! It is important to know whom your husband truly is for the reasons below and more!


Why It Is Important To Know Whom Your Spouse Truly Is

To Avoid wasting away your life : Yes! It is important to know whom your husband truly is in order not to waste a way a better part of your life sticking to this individual who would end up being a pain in your life. Imagine being married to a criminal without knowing it and when the laws catch up with him and he is jailed or killed you would have wasted several years of your life with that person for nothing. What of the shame and stigma that he would have brought to you, which would stick with you for the rest of your life. So it is important you are sure that the person your husband presents himself to be is truly who he is.

To Avoid life threatening illness: Some women have been infected with STDs or worst still HIV by their husband just because they never knew their husband is promiscuous or a s3x addict. They never knew the man that presents himself to them as holier than thou, sleeps with everything in skirt even prostitutes. You will see such women vouching about the faithfulness of their husband before friends and family whereas the man is frolicking around.

To Avoid Illegitimate Children Destroying The peace Of Your Home: It is no longer news that sometimes after the death of a man, Illegitimate children surface to disrupt the peace of the mourning wife. A lot of married men today have Illegitimate children outside their marriage, as they have baby mamas unknown to you the wife. He comes home and pretends your kids are the only kids he has and might even preach against men who have kids outside their marriage all in a bid for you never to suspect him of doing that.

The list is endless on why you as a woman should ensure you truly know whom your husband is. The honest truth is that the world expects that you should know your husband inside out and that is why people always find it very difficult to believe a woman when the husband is caught for wrong doing and she vouch she knows nothing about it. Even though it might be hard for people to believe you but it is also your fault. Most women trust easily and trust their husband too much, they accept the person he presents himself to be without making any attempt to occasionally dig further.

Some women are also of the school that what you don’t know can’t kill you, so they prefer ignorance than finding out what will disturb their peace of mind without knowing they are only postponing the inevitable. The question now is how do you ensure you truly know whom you are living with and call a husband. If you are interested in finding out keep reading.

How To Confirm Your Husband Is Truly Whom He Presents Himself To Be.

Yes I know that it might be difficult sometimes to detect a husband who lives a double life even after taking the necessary precautions but atleast is better to put in the effort than do nothing. The following steps can save you a lot of future headache from your husband.

Ask Questions: Everytime should not be about s3x and romance. Always try to ask soul searching questions that can help you see through your husband. If something doesn’t add up don’t just ignore it ask questions. Listen to your instinct and get the answers you want. Don’t let him brush off your question, or try to use kiss to make you forget about it. If he spends more than you think he earns ask questions, ask for verifiable proof. Speak up when necessary and don’t be a dummy. You are his wife afterall who else deserves to know if not you.

Follow Him Out Regularly: most men live double life when they are out of the sight of their wife. So ensure that most times you are always going out with him. This might not be easy, also he will always try to come up with reasons why you can’t go out with him. He might use excuses such as I’m hanging out with my friends and you wouldn’t feel comfortable being there. Or I’m going to the bar and you won’t like the kind of people there. Or I’m going for a business or official meeting and it won’t be appropriate for you to be there. Do not be deceived by those lies/excuses, try to go out with him most times. This would curtail his bad lifestyle if there is any. If he also doesn’t always want you to go out with him, that is a Red Flag that he is hiding something from you.

Visit Him At His Working Place: Its shocking that some women don’t know the real job their husband does because he tells them he works at a certain place and they’ve never visited the so called working place to confirm. Ensure you visit him regularly at his working place to ensure he truly works there. Don’t pre inform him before visiting, always make it a surprise visit. Also ensure you put your ears down for side talks and body language within the office which would make you know if he is a womanizer at his office.

Occasionally Check through his Email, Phone,WhatsApp,Social Media: Infact if he is living a double lifestyle you would definitely not miss it when you check through one of this. No matter how smart he may be you’ll definitely see traces of his double lifestyle. You have every right as his wife to check through all this do not let anyone tell you otherwise. He has no right to betray your trust, so do not allow anyone tell you what were you looking for when you discovered his double lifestyle because the same people will still blame you when something goes wrong and you vouch you don’t know anything about it.

I hope this helps every woman out there to discover whom they are truly married to and if there is any other thing you feel we ought to have mentioned please leave it in the comment section.

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