6 Ways To Know If Your Husband Lives A Double Life


Unknown to so many women, their beloved husband lives a double live. He isn’t truly whom he presents himself to be and finding out too late about this or when you least expected can not only be devastating but soul wrenching. In order to avoid being a victim of a husband that lives a double live, checkout 6 signs below that can be a red flag and should put you on alert.


1.If He hardly stays at home: If he always have an excuse to be out of the house and hardly stays home even at weekends then you need to be at alert. If he always uses work as an excuse, meetings, hanging out with the boys to hardly stay at home my dear there must be something else keeping him outside and the earlier you find out the better for you. If he makes it a habit of telling you he is going to a certain place only for you to discover he was never there, that is also a red flag.


2. If He Hides The Password To His Phone,Email,WhatsApp, Social media: If he hides his password to his phone,email,whatsapp, social media there is no need thinking twice about it, he sure lives a double live. Who else should have his password if not you. If he is also guiding his phone around you and always feels uncomfortable leaving his phone around you, that’s a red flag something is going on.


3. If He Is Always Awake In The Middle Of The Night When Everyone Is Sleeping: If he is always awake when every other person is asleep, my dear don’t think he doesn’t have the gift of sleeping, he is only up to some dubious lifestyle. If he tells you he is doing his office work, or listening to mobile news or any other excuse my dear don’t fall for it. Why must it always be when everyone is asleep. It could either be he is watching porn, having dirty chats with girls, watching nude pictures, defrauding people, the list is endless.

4. If He Is Always Broke Or Alway Buoyant: If he is always complaining of being broke but yet you can’t see what he’s spending the money on, this is a sure red flag that there is someone or something else responsible for this which you need to find out. If the problem is not him being broke but being buoyant and spending way above his earnings then this is also a reg flag because where did he get the extra cash from. He is definitely living a double life.

5. If He Is Uncomfortable Picking His Call Around You: If you notice that any time you are around and he receives a call he is always responding with one word and feels uncomfortable, my dear there is something going on. Either some girls are calling him or he is doing a fraudulent transaction. He would definitely try to give you flimsy excuses why he is choosy with his words or he might tell you he was speaking to his boss that was why, do not fall for that. He is simply living a double life.

6. If You Discover Items That Shouldn’t Be In His possession: If you discover items that shouldn’t be in his possession that should put you at alert. For instance If you find a condom hidden away somewhere, or you find packs of cigarettes when you’ve never seen him smoke, or you find a gun, hammer, dagger, scissors hidden away in his bag. He must be living a double live.

Above are just a little part of the signs you should watch out for but I strongly encourage you as a wife to always be on guide and at alert so you don’t become a victim of a husband who lives a double lifestyle.


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