One Thing Every Woman Must Do If You Can’t Vouch For Your Husband’s Faithfulness


Most women tremble at the thought of their husband being unfaithful, it is an idea they don’t even want to consider so they push the thought away without realizing they are doing more harm than good to themselves. The bitter reality is that at least 90% of married men cheat and there is a high chance that your husband makes up the chunk of that percentage. Did I just break your heart? It’s better to know than to live in a fools paradise.

Unfortunately, some women whom are even aware that their husband cheats continues to do this one wrong thing that could cause them their live. Apart from that, some women would also be bothering themselves going after the mistress while still doing this one wrong thing that I will elaborate on below. It’s like leaving the big elephant in the room and chasing the rat.

What Is The One Thing You Must Do If You Can’t Vouch For Your Husband’s Faithfulness?


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Like I said earlier about 90% of men are cheaters, so before you start claiming how faithful your husband is and how he would never be turned on by another woman, please slow down. It is better to be safe than to be late, hence prevention is better than cure. Now that you and I are on the same page, so let’s consider that One thing you must do if you can’t vouch for your husband’s faithfulness.

To safeguard your life ensure that you use protection each time you sleep with your husband especially if you are not looking for a child or intend to get pregnant. Some women would know that their husband cheats and all in the name of love would still foolishly open their legs without protecting themselves. Why do you want to defile your body and suffer for his sin by allowing him infect you with STDs or worst still HIV when you can actually prevent this.

One thing you fail to realize is that when your husband sleeps with a lady, that lady also sleeps with another man , the other man then sleeps with another lady and the cycle goes on. When you now sleep with your husband is like sleeping with all the men that particular lady your husband slept with has had s3x with. Infact sleeping with your husband when he is unfaithful is like sleeping with a total stranger. Would you ever sleep with a stranger without using protection? Of course not! So why would you sleep with your husband without protecting yourself? Cut the sentiment away and be wise!

If he wants skin to skin and flesh to flesh, he must never betray you. You are not a dumping ground. Do not let him tell you otherwise except he agrees that both of you will always go for regular checkup to confirm neither of you has an infection. Until then protect yourself so that you can be alive and healthy to be the mother of your kids.


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