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Igbo language is one of the three major languages spoken in West Africa Nigeria. In this article we would take a look at the different greetings in Igbo language. Learn how to greet in igbo such good evening in igbo, ibolachi meaning in igbo, kachifo and much more.


In the morning when you want to greet anyone regardless of their gender, you’ll say “Ututu Oma” or “ibolachi” depending on your dialect.


Good morning- Ututu Oma/ Ibolachi


Normally in igbo community no one hardly says an evening greeting but for the purpose of knowing it you’ll say “Ngbede Oma “

Good evening- Ngbede Oma

There is really no afternoon greeting in igbo language but if it’s at night and you are with someone and you are about to go and sleep then you say “Kachifo” This is not a normal kind of greeting or salutation you tell someone you meet on the road. It is not a greeting just like saying Good morning.


If you want to greet a group of people, you can say ” Ndewo nu o”

Hello everyone- Ndewo nu o

If someone is working and you want to greet the person, then you say “Jisike”

Welldone- Jisike

If you want to find out how someone is doing whether casually or you are truly interested in the person’s welfare you’ll say “Kedu Ki Ime”

How are you- Kedu Ki Ime

If someone has an injury or is in a bad situation and you want to say sorry, you’ll say “Ndo”

Sorry -Ndo

To show appreciation for something or to say thank you, you’ll say “Dalu”

Thank you -Dalu

To greet someone who just arrived, you’ll say “Nno”


To bade someone farewell or safe journey you’ll say “Ijeoma”

Safe Journey- Ijeoma


2 Replies to “Greetings In Igbo

  1. You cant believe i was still arguing with a friend yesterday that there is no greeting in evening in igbo. I will definitely show this to my friend to support my claim. At a point while arguing i almost tought i didnt know what i was saying.

  2. I always heard my roomate saying dalu each time his uncle calls but when i ask whats the meaning he tells me something different completely. I guess he gives him money but he doesnt want me to know.

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