3 Nigerian latest And Interesting Yoruba Movies You Should Watch This Week


If you are a Nollywood lover especially the yorubawood of Nollywood then you should go watch this three interesting movies from the stables of Yoruba movie industry. It’s not all the time you get to watch such interesting movies .



Bone of My Bones

This is a very interesting and educative movie yet with a comedy overtone. This movie shows the importance of appreciating your spouse, appreciating your marriage rather than aspiring for other peoples marriage. It shows that each marriage its unique and there is no perfect marriage or relationship out there.


It is subtittled in English so even if you don’t understand the language you’ll still understand what the movie its all about. I bet you this is a movie you will definitely enjoy.


Dangerous Game

This is yet another interesting movie which teaches that there is a time to move on from a relationship. It tells the stories of two siblings who are extremely close to each other but took them time to realize that there comes a time when you’ve got to move on in life or set boundaries in the relationship.

This is also subtittled in English so even if you dont understand the language you’ll still enjoy the movie.


Nkan Nbe Labe Orun

This is another well scripted movie. This movie shows the extent people go to protect their career and fame. It also teaches the importance of couples having quality communication in marriage, not physically abusing your spouse and not cheating on your spouse. It also shows the importance of treating your wife well otherwise your case will become like the saying that “hell has no fury like a woman scorned” Your enemy might be person of your own household.

The begining of the movie might seems not interesting but just hold on and keep watching as the drama unfolds. The movie is also subtittled in English.

After watching these movies, let’s know your thought or if you have already watched it tell us what you think and the most interesting parts in each movie.

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3 Replies to “3 Nigerian latest And Interesting Yoruba Movies You Should Watch This Week

  1. Wow! Is interesting reading this here, i will definitely check out these movies. Thanks for sharing this, we need more of it.

  2. I have watched the three but bone of my bones is my best. I especially liked the scene where kunle Afod played the role of a wife. Honestly, I was surprised to read this on this blog, but you know what, we in diaspora appreciates such writeups. Welldone.

  3. Since you recommend this movies, i’ll go check them out cos i have long given up on all this nollywood movies as most of them are craps.

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