Man Rapes Cousin To Death | The Lesson Every Mother With A Girl Child Should Learn

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There is a trending story online of a young man from Sierra Leone who raped her 5 years old cousin which resulted in the death of the girl due to complications from the rape. My heart has been broken since i read the story and i begin to wonder what the world has turned into. Check out this article on who should you entrust your child with.


As much as this is a very sad and horrible story, this is indeed a wake up call for mothers of girl child. More than ever before the girl child needs to be protected. It is better to be over protective as a mother than to be underprotective. Every 1 in at least 3 girls is at risk of rape and that is the more reasons mothers must be alert about who is around their girl child.

Most parents/mothers are ignorance of the facts that even relatives can not be trusted. That so called uncle, you don’t want to imagine what he would do to your girl behind closed door. My advice to mothers of girl child is that you must protect your girl child from all male regardless of how related they are to you.


You can see in the above story that despite they are blood related he still went ahead to defile the baby girl which lead to her death. So don’t be carried away by the fact that the male is your blood relation, things happens these days. Another thing is believing your child its too young so no one in is right senses will think of defiling her but the reality is that it is just your thought because there are a lot of senseless men out there who are ready to take advantage of any girl even a day old baby , so protect your girl child as much as you can.

This also brings me to the issue of sending your girl child to live with relatives, or spend holiday with relatives or family friends where there are males and you won’t be able to monitor what it’s going on. My advice is to stop! because you are unknowingly endangering the life of your daughter. I know sometimes it is hardship that makes parent send their girl child to live with relatives but my advice is that it is better to suffer that hardship with your child and she is okay rather than sending her where she will have a comfortable live but s3xually abused.

Mothers it is Important to give birth to the number of children you can financially take care of rather than having so many children and sending them off to where they will be s3xually abused or even lose their life in the process.

For instance, In the story above If this girl was living with her parents not her aunt, it would have been difficult for the cousin to take advantage of her not even minding her age nor the fact that they are related, perhaps she would have still been alive today.

Another thing is that as a mother you should have a close bond with your girl child, be her friend and encourage her to talk to you if she is s3xually harrassed or abused. This is very Important as most teenage girls find it difficult to confide in their mom when facing this issue, infact they even feel so embarrassed to talk about it especially if its an uncle or a male held in high esteem by the family that is harrasing or abusing them, hence you must create an enabling environment for your girl to speak to you.

We all as women must rise to fight for the girl child and protect her. Don’t stay calm and do nothing if you are in the know when a girl child is being harassed or abused. Don’t turn your eyes away perhaps because you are not related to the girl otherwise you are enabling the perpetrator.

A lot of girls and women are living with scars, they are mentally damaged due to the abuse done to them, for some women this abuse happened as teenagers but the trauma still lives with them, its definitely a hard place to be in and that is why you must do your part in ensuring the girl child is safe so that she can grow up being the woman she wants to be.

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