Who Should You Entrust With Your Child


Last week I watched a movie which drew my attention to mistakes parents make sometimes. The movie showed a man whose lifestyle as an adult was horrible.


During counseling it was discovered that he was led to this lifestyle from childhood by a relative who looked after him. This brings me to the question who should you leave your child with? How well do you know this person?

The world has become so unsafe and filled with wolf in sheep clothing. People who pretend to look out for your interest but turn their back on you the moment you are not there.Hence, you need to be sure of whom you leave your child with or who your child spend time with.


It is your responsibility as a parent to protect your child. This means you should not just leave your child with anybody. How well do you know this person? Even if the person is a relative, can you vouch for his or her character?

Remember that some habits learnt as a child are very difficult to do away with as adult and as such you must ensure that you leave your child with people you can sincerely vouch for their character, someone who will not imbibe bad traits on your child.

The reason you work so hard is because of your child. You want to provide a comfortable life for your child, but what happens if at the end of the day your child whom you are laboring for turns out to be bad because you cared less about the character of the person who you entrusted your  child with in your absence,what then would be your gain?

Even if your job does not give you the luxury of looking after your child yourself, there is nothing wrong if someone  helps out with this, either a nanny or a relative but how well do you know this person you about to leave your precious gift with.

How well do you know this person you want to entrust your child’s care with, do not behave as if you really do not have a choice regarding this in your present situation . I have seen situations where parents leave their child with a new nanny who has not even spend up to a week with them because they have to go to work. Yes! I know the money is important but don’t act as if your job is much more important than your child.

Make sure you have a way of knowing what goes on when you are not around. Some kids have been sexually abused, physically abused or introduced to bad acts by people who were meant to look after them. Never allow your child to be a victim because of your pursuit of wealth or career.

Regardless of how busy you may be create time for your child, discuss with your child and ask questions that can help you know if something is going on that you are not aware of. Pay attention to your child’s character in order to quickly know once there is change of character.

Make it a duty to always teach your child right from wrong to make it easy for him or her not be mislead by others, also teach your child to speak out against any form of abuse. Don’t make excuses when your child wants to talk to you even if you feel exhausted from the days work as you never can tell what your child wants to say and if you don’t make yourself available he or she may not come to you next time.

In conclusion if your child must be looked after by someone else when you are away, be sure that the person is someone you know in and out. Don’t just leave your child with anybody regardless of if the person is your relative. Trust no one and never be so relaxed and comfortable with someone else caring for your child.

It is your responsibility to care, provide and protect your child. These responsibilities should never be usurped by someone else.

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