Let’s Seek Justice For Tina Ezekwe And Vera Omozuwa


The lives of two Nigerian girls were cut short by their fellow citizens who ought to protect them. The two girls are Tina Ezekwe and Vera Omozuwa. It saddens my heart when innocent bloods are shed recklessly for no just reason and as such justice is demanded for these young ladies whose lives were cut short in their prime.



Tina Ezekwe was hit by a strayed bullet which was carelessly shot by a police who was trying to stop a bus from plying the road after the curfew. In the process the police killed both the bus conductor and the innocent girl Tina who is only seventeen years old and intends to write her senior school exam this year. The question is how long would police brutality and recklessness continue? The truth is that this seems to be a worldwide issue. In America there is still an ongoing protest about police brutality that led to the death of an African American George Floyd.


It seems it’s time the police as an institution really needs to reevaluate their recruitment process and qualifications as it seems the institution is now for all manners of individuals who are either not in the right frame of mind or not qualified to be part of such an institution.

Though the killer cop has been identified and there is promise by the authorities that he would face the full wrath of the law but you need to lend your voice to ensure that this case is not swept under the carpet.

In the case of Vera Omozuwa she was raped and killed right in the church where she went to read the bible. This is disgusting to say the least. No woman deserved to be raped much more being killed in the process, this is very horrible. The perpetrators of this crime are still at large and needs to be brought to book. Justice must be served.

If you sit down and do nothing then you are as worst as the perpetrators of this crime. They should not go scot free! Rape is a serious crime and not only did they rape the innocent girl but they also took her life.


First, by lending your voice to seek justice for these girls. The more people talk about this and seek for justice the more it will be difficult to sweep it under the carpet. If you feel it doesn’t directly affect you, don’t forget that you have children,you have siblings ,relatives and anyone can be a victim to this so don’t wait till it comes to your doorstep before you join the fight. Prevention they say its better than cure, join the fight so this evil can be uprooted from the society. How can you lend your voice?

Use your platforms to speak up against this evil deeds and seek for justice. Use your social media platforms, your blog,your YouTube account and much more . Let’s keep speaking till justice is served. Remember, you don’t need to be a Nigerian to lend your voice, all you need is to be a human who wants justice for the innocent and a human who values the lives of other humans.

Secondly, there has been a lot more emphasis on the training of the girl child that most times the male child hardly receives as much training as the girl child and this has resulted in issues such as rape. It is high time parents pay more attention to their male child. If we really want to uproot the evil Rape then we need to tackle it from the root.

Parents teach your sons the importance of treating girls with respect, teach them to ask for a girls consent before touching her, teach him that it is a crime to harass a girl either s3xually or otherwise. Its time to change our focus because for a long time the focus of many parents has been on the girl child so that she doesn’t go astray but the reality is that most perpetrators of today’s evil are the male child, so parents spend quality time with your boys and train them to become responsible adults as it seems they need more of the training now than the girl child does.

When we have responsible boys in the society there would be lesser crime such as rape in the society.

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