Should You Scream At Your Child In Public


Parenting is filled with ups and down. Most times it is a roller coaster of emotions as you relate with your child. Parenting is worth the while but requires a lot of hard work in order to reap the benefits. Especially when you have more than one child you need to learn how to deal with each child in order to bring out the best in them.


Often times kids go against the laid down rules or act stupidly and as parent you need to get ready to know how to correct this unruly behavior so that it can be beneficial to your child. Assuming this unruly behavior was done in the public how should you handle it?

As a parent you need to avoid anything that will affect your child’s self esteem. So calmly look at the situation and decide if you should handle it immediately in the public or when you get home. Be in control of your emotions otherwise you might over react in anger.


Correcting your child in public isn’t wrong but how you do it’s what matters. If you constantly scream at your child in the public when he makes mistakes you might be doing more damage than good to your child as this might affect his self esteem.

Adults who suffer low self esteem mostly develop this from childhood and most times it’s as a result of how they were treated as kids. Yes! as a parent you might be angry if your child embarrass you in public,act stupidly or throw tantrums and it’s only human to scream at the child to quickly put him on the right path but this should not be a constant way of correcting the child in public.

Better still, you should have a discussion with your child about the way he is expected to behave in public before going out. You can even go further to agree on body signs you can show him to alert him to be on his best behavior, that way you’ll not need to scream in the public.

I have seen parents who scream and use abusive words in the public for their child,this is very wrong. You should never use abusive words on your child whether in public or in private and always be careful not to let your discipline affect your child’s self esteem.

As possible as it can be avoid screaming at your child in the public for whatever reason.

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  1. I quite agree but most times I find myself guilty of this. My boys will definitely make me scream when we are out but I will consider discussing ahead with them going forward as suggested.

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