Cardi B Request For Payment From DJ Making Money Off Her Voice/Words On iTunes


Cardi B took to her Instagram page to call out a DJ who is making money of her voice and words with a song named CoronaVirus on iTunes. The song sells for $1.29 on iTunes and Cardi B is going for her damn coins as she believes she is entitled to royalties from the song.

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Meanwhile, after Cardi B shared an image if the song while calling out the DJ, two hours after that the song jumped from Number 86 on the chart to number 11. Indirectly while calling the DJ out she gave the song free publicity which made it move up the chart in no time.

Well her fans took to the comment section to battle themselves about if she is entitled to royalties from the song or not, see their comments below.

what’s your thought on this? Is she entitled to royalties from the song?

3 Replies to “Cardi B Request For Payment From DJ Making Money Off Her Voice/Words On iTunes

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  2. Honestly I don’t know but if just like a fan said in the comment that she said those words on Instagram a public platform then she might not be entitled to any money from the sales of the song

  3. I feel cardi should just let the poor guy be and did she put copyright when she shared it on Instagram. I think people should realize that whatever you share on social media and does not want others to use even if its comment just put copyright after it so anyone seeing will know that even though its shared on a public platform it can’t be lifted and used by anyone without due permission.

  4. She should be paid both for the publicity she gave the song and for using her words. Nothing is free anywhere. He is making money off it

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