How To Identify A Scam Or Phishing Email

How to identify scam email

Scam emails are so rampant today. Hardly can a day go by without receiving a scam or phishing email.


Unfortunately, many people fall for this scam emails. Some have even lost fortunes as a result of this scam emails sent to deceive the recepient into thinking they are emails sent from the actual Brand or organization.

Since a lot of people can not identify this scam or phishing email, there is need to enlighten as much people as possible about ways to quickly identify a scam email, what to do and what not to do with such email.


Let’s quickly take a look at some ways to identify this scam emails so that you can save yourself and those you love from falling into their traps and parting ways with your hard earned money.

First, check the email address of the sender. Most of the scam emails or phishing emails will use the name of a brand to send you an email which easily tricks the recipient, but go a little further by clicking on the name so you can see the email address. Take a look at the example below;

Image of Amazon Brand display name
Phishing Email

From the above example you can see that the sender is using the Brand name Amazon but upon clicking on it , it reveals the email address that sent it which obviously its not Amazon. Don’t be deceived by the display name or the header name that the sender has used.

Secondly, most emails from Brands and Organizations would address you by your name in the email but the scam emails will never address you by your name as they don’t know your name. They often use general terms like Dear customer or some would just go straight on to the mail without any salutation.

Thirdly, check the spelling of the brand display name they are using. For instance, they can use PayPaal Support, which can easily trick you into thinking its PayPal. So always look out for spelling errors both in the Brand/organization display name they are using and also in the body of the email.

Furthermore, check if the details of the mail involves any sort of urgency such as claim your gift card, your account would soon be suspended, there is an unauthorized sign in to your account -change your password. Most phishing or scam emails always create a sense of urgency in order to bait you into clicking a link in the email. Be cautious!

In addition, check the end of the email whether there is contact details of the sender, office address location, phone numbers, name of the sender and designation. Be careful with this because sometimes they put some fake address or even put the details of the actual brand they are impersonating but take a good look at it specially if you have ever received emails from the actual brand in the past you will definitely spot the difference.

Now that we have identified ways to spot a scam email what should you do or not do with such emails.

First, Don’t ever click on the link or open any attachment in the email. Some of this links might help the sender hack into your account, send malicious virus to your gadget or worst still bait you into giving out sensitive informations about you. If you are curious you might copy the link and paste it in a new window but i’ll honestly advice you not to.

Secondly, Never respond to such emails or give out your card details or password. Seriously no organization would ask you for your password or card details over email. Card details are only required at point of purchase online and the site must be secured and encrypted.

Infact when in doubt its better to check online for the contact details of the actual brand, send them a mail to confirm they actually sent you the mail and are requesting for those details. It is better to reconfirm from the actual brand than to be sorry later!

Thirdly if the link directs you to a website. Quickly go on social media and search for the organization, you can chat them up or check their organization link on their bio and compare it to what you have on the scam email.

Fourth, Don’t click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email, some of them add a deceptive link there. So instead of unsubscribing you from their email it takes you to their fraudulent site.

Finally, if possible don’t open scam emails , you will see a lot of them in your junk mail. The reason for this is that overtime when they notice you don’t click nor open their email they would remove you from thier email list.

Another reason is that some of this scammers are fetish. They hypnotize you once you open the email and read it after which you will willing consent to them.

Especially towards the end of the year, there will be an influx of scam emails. Keep an eyes on this and dont fall prey to them.

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