Why You Should Stop Seeking Validation From People

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In life there are people we look up to, they could be our parents, friends, spouse or even colleagues at work.


Sometimes some of this people might even be your role model, you try to be like them , seek clarification from them on certain issues but is it right to seek their validation?


The truth is we are all unique and wonderfully made and as such we are bound to see things from different perspectives. Constantly seeking for validation from others can demotivate you and make you depress especially if you dont get that validation.


You are a unique person endowed with so much talent , you do not need anyone’s constant approval to boost your self ego.

Regardless of what people may think of you, first and foremost you need to believe in yourself and have a sense of self worth. This would help you not to seek for unneccessary approval of your self worth from others.

Remember that we are all wired differently, some people can easily excel at certain things while others might not, that does not make the other person better than you.

For instance, you might be camera shy whereas a friend of yours is doing extremely well with their vlog that does not necessarily mean that person is better than you. In essence what am trying to say is that a fish can not fly neither can a bird swim. Imagine a fish seeking validation from a bird, when a bird doesn’t even know what it takes to live and swim in water all year long.

Imagine a fish feeling bad that it can not fly when it has been created to swim and not fly. So my dear, you are uniquely and wonderfully made, never compare yourself to anyone or let anyone talk you down for not attaining a certain height, that might never be your calling.

Furthermore, it is important to love yourself. I cant even over emphasize this as it is extremely important. When you love yourself you don’t need anyone’s validation to make you happy or add to your self worth.

There are people whom you can’t change their opinion about you regardless of how much you try. Their mind is just so made up, hence, trying to seek their validation will only lead to depression.

A question you need to ask your self is why are you seeking for validation from this person and why is it important to you and what difference does it make?

Imagine a home maker who does some side business and feels she deserves some accolade from her husband for being able to earn despite being at home and yet never gets that validation from her husband. Worst still her husband might not even see her as being successful , this can really make her feel depressed and demotivated.

If she gives herself the accolade rather than seeking it from her husband (who might be of the opinion that a successful woman is a career woman and not a home maker) she won’t be depressed rather she would love herself more for her acheivements despite her limitations.

The truth is you do not need anybody’s validation to ascertain whom you are. The most important person you should always seek validation from is yourself.

When you constantly seek for others approval make sure you are prepared for a lot of bad energy. Is that what you want for yourself? Negativity?

Stop seeking for validation from people who dont understand your struggle, your pains, the emotions you put into that work. People who has not been in your shoes, people who does not know what it takes to acheive what they count as little.

Believe in yourself, practice a lot of self love, boost yourself confidence and self worth. Never allow anyone put you down. That does not mean you can’t ask for people’s perspective on an issue but you must know that the final validation lies with you and not anyone.

What matters most is what you think about yourself as that is what would influence your outlook to life. Always remember that you are wonderfully made and your race is different from that of the next person.


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