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Mymarriage Podcast is Best Nigeria Podcast on Marriage

MyMarriage Podcast it’s inarguably one of the best podcast in Nigeria. Even though it is new on the block i can undoubtedly tell you it has join the list of the best podcast in Nigeria if not Africa!

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MyMarriage podcast focus on issues and challenges couples face in marriage and highlights several ways couples can resolve this issues inorder to enhance their marital relationship. It provides great tips that couples whether newly married or married for years can inculcate in their marriage.

Since i started listening to the podcast i must confess i have fallen in love with it. I mostly appreciate their consistency, also unlike some new podcast which will ramble all through, from the onset of the show you will notice it has a focus and it’s well layed out! There is a strong message for couples in every episode. I havent yet listened to any episode and felt it was a waste of my time, that definitely means a lot!

The issues discussed are issues any couple can relate to, every day marital issues are talked about, even the most salient issues in marriage that some wouldn’t talk about is discussed. All in a bid to help couples enjoy their marriage.

A lot of marriages are breaking up and it almost seems as if there is no hope for marriage but listening to the inspirational advice from MyMarriage Podcast will not only give you ways to resolve your marital problems but will let you know you are not alone on this.

Have you listen to the recent episode on sharing different room with your spouse? I couldn’t have enough of it. Infact i shared it with everyone in my group because you never know who can benefit from it.

You will be amazed that sometimes it seems the podcast is directly talking to you or referring to your marital issues.This is because these are issues couples face.

You can subscribe to the podcast and also share with everyone that you know will benefit from this even your enemies aint left out😀


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