Check Out My Marriage Podcast! Best Marriage Podcast In Nigeria

Mymarriage Podcast is Best Nigeria Podcast on Marriage

Podcast is a way of listening to digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.


Unlike in the western world such as US where podcast is already a thing, in Nigeria a lot of people are not yet used to the idea of listening to podcast even though it is gradually becoming a thing. Despite this challenge some people are not looking back in expressing their views and reaching out to the Nigeria audience and Africa through podcast.

One of such podcast with the aim of reaching Africa and beyond is My Marriage Podcast. I got to know about this podcast through a friend who sent the link over to me through a chat and honestly it was nice listening to it while working out. Mymarriage podcast in my opinion is one of the Best Nigeria Marriage podcast I have listened to in a long while.

I discovered that My Marriage Podcast addressed some of the salient issues not talked about by many such as domestic violence in Marriage which I really found quite interesting. It also touches a lot of marital issues that some people consider as a no go area.

My Marriage podcast aims at enhancing marital relationships and helping couples enjoy their marriage and not endure it. Most times its surprising and painful to see marriages that looks perfect from afar hit the rock. This happens most times because couples are not able to withstand the turbulence in their marriage as most are not prepared for this and believes marriage it’s a bed of roses. Listening to a podcast such as my marriage podcast will help couples know how to handle such turbulence times in their marriage and look beyond it. It will also help those looking forward to be married in the near future prepare for what’s ahead!

Sometimes listening to the wrong advice can make couples take the wrong decision which can jeopardize their marriage,hence listening to a podcast filled with wise advice can help couples forge ahead in their marriage and have a successful marriage.

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